Rumor alert/breaking news: our new PBP guy

Sources have gotten word to us that not only does the Crunch have a new play-by-play guy, he actually has a name.

I know, right?

Rumor (and I’ve been told to stress this is a rumor, as obviously the Crunch hasn’t released anything and we don’t know this for sure) has it that his name, guys and gals, is Jason Lockhart. Kevin Bartl. He was the voice of the Bakersfield Condors for eight seasons and has bounced a bit between the AHL and the lower leagues, doing different communication jobs. He’s a Rochester, NY native. According to the Condors’ website, he has been named Broadcaster of the Year twice in his career, once in 2000-01 with Rockford of the United Hockey League and again in 2002-03 with the Condors in the West Coast Hockey League.

Edit/rumor update: Boo. Apparently we are “probably” getting the less experienced guy in the Condors’ organization, Jason Lockhart. One source of mine jumped to conclusions after misinterpreting what another said. Or something. Anywhoozle, the vid below is of Lockhart’s call, not Bartl’s.

See, kids, always check your facts before posting anything :p.

If you click this link you will be taken to a video sampling of some of his hockey calls.

The guy sounds okay, though I wish his voice wasn’t quite so high. It makes him sound really frantic and his voice can reach ear-splitting volumes when there’s a score. But at least he has proven hockey play-by-play experience and at least he will probably learn how to correctly pronounce the players’ names, something that Brown never could manage.

Lockhart spent this last year with the Condors, doing coverage. According to the, he has some hockey broadcasting experience, although no AHL experience like Bartl. Lockhart started when he was at Middlebury College, where he was the play-by-play broadcaster for the school’s Division III National Champion men’s ice hockey team. He then was the web site and publications coordinator for the New York Islanders. Lockhart “began his career working as the editor of The Fischler Report published each week by hockey broadcasting legend Stan “The Maven” Fischler.”

So, what do you all think?

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