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The Week That Was and The Week Ahead…Now with 29% More Legitimacy!

A funny story — last Monday, I read over last week’s recap and look ahead to this week, and I said to Alex, “It seems like this coming week is going to be slow for news…I hope something big happens to give us something to talk about”. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Let’s look back, shall we? Read the rest of this entry »

Posted July 19, 2009 by MJ in Announcements, Magic

Branching Out.

A brief announcement: going forward, I am going to be a semi-regular contributor for our friends over at The Phoenix Pub. From time to time, I will be offering them some pieces for publication, starting with my debut piece, which can be found here.

Just so everyone is perfectly clear, my appearances over at TPP will not in any way impact my work at this site. If anything, it’s going to be a positive — we’ll be able to welcome more readers here, and potentially pick up some new friends along the way. Overall, this is a good thing for everyone involved, and I am very excited to be taking this step.

Huge thanks to the entire TPP crew for letting me come aboard and join the party. Hopefully this is the beginning of some great times for all of the sites in our growing blog family.

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Catching up with Trevor…

With all the personnel changes, contracts and other Crunchables going on this summer, I figured I’d ask Trevor Frischmon his thoughts and how his summer is going after FINALLY getting a two-way deal… Read the rest of this entry »

Posted July 16, 2009 by Eric in Interviews

Deconstructing Jonny.

Okay…I may have a hernia, I’ve got an impressive amount of Vicodin in my bloodstream at the moment and I’m pretty tired. Let’s see how this turns out! Read the rest of this entry »

Posted July 15, 2009 by MJ in Deconstruction, Magic

Welcome Back!

For those who might have missed the news on the Twitter feed, our man LK broke the news minutes ago that Jon Mirasty will be back to beat up the AHL this season as a member of the Crunch. I’m trying to track down Mirasty’s manager for some additional info at the moment. I’ll be back tonight with more.

Great news for Crunch fans!

Posted July 14, 2009 by MJ in Breaking News, Magic

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Recently, it was brought to my attention by a friend that forward Stefan Legein has potentially opened up a can of worms (again, may I add). The player was quoted in the always-fair-and-never-biased Columbus Dispatch as saying the following:

I definitely want to show them [CBJ] again why they drafted me and that I’m still the player I was before last summer. I was a little rusty and a little jittery after what happened. … My goal (upon arriving at training camp in September) is to come here and never leave, work as hard as I can so I never have to go back to (minor-league) Syracuse.

All righty then, Mr. Legein. Let’s lay down the rules for this rumble right now. I’m sure you all realize there’s no way in hell I can leave this alone and still sleep tonight. I’m going to try very, very hard to keep within the constraints of good blogging while sticking with the new and improved mission statement of Chairman How’s when responding to this. However, if I do wander down the slick path of pineapple-induced violence of the past, I’m sure you all will forgive me. And if you don’t…well…sorry.

Let’s dissect this one statement at a time, shall we? 

Read the rest of this entry »

Posted July 13, 2009 by allokago in Allokago

Your Week Ahead.

As I mentioned last night, it’s looking like it will be a slow week in Crunchland. Therefore, we might be a little sparse with the updates this week. Of course, that’s all subject to change on an almost hourly basis, so who knows. Anyway, I can tell you that there will be at least a couple of things going on around here this week: Read the rest of this entry »

Posted July 13, 2009 by MJ in Magic, Video


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