My three “stars” of the game

What was good tonight? What was bad? Come on in and see:

1) Welcome back to the party, Mayorov: In case you all were wondering, the last time Mayorov scored was November 25, 2009. Um. Yea.

2) Welcome back, LaCosta: very unofficial–and wrong–reports had pegged Dan LaCosta as the goaltender hurt on this Crunch squad, thus requiring the call up of Dan Taylor. Of course, LaCosta played tonight and looked pretty damn solid. We had pegged his return and how he handled the pressure from a streaking Lalande as a key to the rest of the season. So far, so good.

3) The Crunch’s rebound control: both of our goaltenders have gotten into the habit of giving up fat rebounds. This used to kill this team. But lately the defense–and a few members of the offense–have gotten really adept at clearing out the garbage in front of the net. Those rebounds aren’t really anything to be afraid of anymore.

Joe Brown’s Jewel of the Game:

–“That should kill off the first period for the Lowell Devils.”

…But not the Syracuse Crunch, apparently. They still have to play.

Also, his excuse that he didn’t see the Devil’s first goal because he was “too busy” watching a scrap between two players is so bogus. If you can’t figure out the important things to pay attention to, then you need a new job. I wish I could only pay attention to 10 percent of my job, but if I did that I’d probably be in jail.

And please, for the love of all that is holy, stop getting so fucking excited when the OTHER TEAM has a scoring chance. If I’m doing something else and you throw a fit all of the sudden, I should be able to tell immediately by the sound of your voice which team you work for and who actually has the puck. That can’t happen when you make a big deal in the same tone no matter what. Voice control is a part of good broadcasting. Figure it out.

On a different note, does anyone else miss Jon Mirasty? I don’t see how dressing 19 players instead of 18 is going to hurt this team. Ross is sitting there giving lip service to a theory that playing him will somehow screw up the momentum the Crunch has managed to gather, but I don’t buy it. Mirasty is a third-year player in this league. He’s a team guy who plays hard every game. On nights like this, when there are guys on the other roster who are willing to throw down, playing him is a smart insurance plan against those guys picking on our skilled players. Mirasty signed with Syracuse because he thought he’d be able to play here. Being scratched 5 games in a row in the middle of the season obviously isn’t playing and I’d be pretty pissed if I was him. Yea, he gets paid whether he plays or not, but it seems rather ungrateful to healthy scratch him this many times in a row, considering the toll his head and fists take for this team. What do you all think?


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