Shalom! I’m the new guy

(I'm the one whose hair is getting owned)

As MJ mentioned in a previous post, there’s a new guy on board.  My name is Ryan Maloney and I’ve spent the past few years either calling hockey on the radio for the Oswego State Lakers (2007 National Champs!) or writing about college hockey for the Post-Standard (ok, so it was one article).

I was in the fifth grade when the Hamilton Canucks became the Syracuse Crunch and started what I was certain would be a short tenure in the Salt City.  I was wrong.

Fourteen years later I began producing Crunch games and reading the out-of-town scoreboard for 620 WHEN in what I thought was the beginning of a long and prosperous broadcasting career.  Wrong again.

I imagine that when it came time for Clear Channel’s massive Inauguration Day layoff of 2009 that they made their minds up rather quickly when it came time to decide the fate of the kid who accidentally played commercials over Bob McElligott while he was trying to call a game (“Ryan, are those playing over the air or just in my headset?”).

(Side note: We were using a mix board that was probably used to put the 1938 Calder Cup Finals on the air and I thought it’d be a great idea to fix the buttons that always got stuck.  This was not a great idea and resulted in the listeners hearing Peter Coleman tell them to “turn right at the horse’s ass” while McElligott was simultaneously telling them to take their shirts off and spin it like a helicopter, or something–how come those calls never made it to TV?.  Anywho, I’m no longer at Clear Channel and neither are the Crunch.  I look forward to hearing Not Joe Brown call the games this season on The Score 1260.) (Side note to the side note: one of my sexual deviant co-workers tells me that they saw Not Joe Brown Jason Lockhart fishing for a roommate on Craigslist.  Dude, not the best area to be doing that in.  Just a head’s up.)

Now that I’m here, I’m not really sure what my niche is going to be on this site.  I just know that I’ve been a fan of CHGA for a few years now and I am psyched about being part of the team.

Let’s get weird.

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