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Scouting Reports : GIBSON


“John has great net coverage and size (6-foot-3, 200 pounds), and is very strong. He’s sound technically, moves very well laterally and is controlled. He’s calm, not busy.”

“He has size and presence in the net, and moves with power. The best part is he’s not just a limited goaltender for being a big guy. He’s multi-dimensional. He has power, athleticism, and he’s got good flexibility. And those parts of his game allow him to have success at the high level. He also has a calm demeanor in the net.”

“Gibson could be considered the safest goaltending pick in this year’s draft. He is reliable and well conditioned. He has a very good work ethic and has shown excellent development through the season. Gison is not flashy but he gets the job done and although he didn’t show too much in the way of being able to steal games he can be relied on to be consistent and avoid giving up deflating bad goals at bad times. Very well rounded goaltender.” – International Scouting Services 2011 Draft Guide

“He’s the top goaltender in this year’s crop. Great size and plays economically. Strong in the butterfly with good balance in this stance. Tough to beat down low and tall enough to cover the upper corners from his knees. Really big in net and doesn’t leave much space for shooters to look at. Challenges shooters well and is smooth moving post-to-post. Calm and patient with strong technique.” – Red Line Report 2011 Draft Guide

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Day 2 : Rounds 2 -7

Day 2 will start at 8 AM PST 11 AM EST and will be on the NHL Network. I will post the results and scouting reports on the picks up as soon as I see them. See yall Saturday.

List of Ducks picks
Round 2 39th overall (TOR) JOHN GIBSON
Round 2 53rd overall (ANA) WILLIAM KARLSSON
Round 3 65th overall (ANA) JOESEPH CRAMAROSSA
Round 3 83rd overall (ANA) ANDY WELINSKI
Round 5 143rd overall(ANA) MAX FRIBERG
Round 6 160th overall(TOR) JOSH MANSON

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