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Qualified and not qualified

Word has come through the OC that the Ducks have qualified the following players:

Dan Sexton: I’m pretty sure both Crunch and Ducks fans will be happy with this. During the middle of the season doldrums, Sexton was one of the hardest working players on the Crunch. He was often one of our top players of the night and players to watch for the next game. Sexy brought a lot of fun to the War Memorial in terms of watching talent and producing power, and was a great influence on our younger kids.

Nick Bonino:  Although his season was stalled by yo-yo call ups, Bonino shows definite talent and skill with the puck. His main issue this up coming season will definitely be getting some stability and consistency back in a world that is often anything but those two things. How he adjusts during this crucial point in his career will probably define him in this organization and in his career.

Patrick Maroon: Yay! Patty was a great guy, quality dude, who received an award from us at the end of the season for his sheer awesomeness. Philly’s loss was definitely our gain here. We’re very pleased that Maroon will be back.

The OC has also reported that the Ducks didn’t qualify the following players:

Kyle Chipchura: He never spent time in Syracuse, so I’m sure Newport Rebel can report a bit more on this. But from what I’ve read, this was an expected move.

Ryan Hillier: Again, I don’t really know too much here.

John de Gray: I personally liked de Gray during the pre-season, but his ability to jump in at the AHL level and make an impact once the real season started was limited. He spent most of the time in the ECHL this past season. He clearly struggled with the quicker game and had a hard time with avoiding penalties at the AHL level. I think he has potential, but he wasn’t ready for a full season here, and I think the Ducks were looking for that adaptability.

 J.P. Levasseur: This makes me sad, but I understand it. JP showed a lot of promise, but his shake-ability level was high–it never took much to get him off his game. He worked hard here, and I’m confident he can find a good fit for himself for next season. With the glut of goaltenders we suddenly find ourselves with–it’s of course expected that Timo, Bobkov and Tarkki will be fighting for the top two slots here, with Tarkki most assuredly getting one of those slots–it wasn’t a surprise that Levasseur got left out.

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