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Breaking: first six home dates annouced

As usual, the AHL continues its policy of giving us tiny, small, little breadcrumbs and hints in June as to how our season schedule will shape up, and then giving us a month and a half or so to stew on them until releasing the full schedule. The first six home dates for the Syracuse Crunch have been announced, including the date of our home opener. They are as follows:

Saturday, October 15 (home opener)

Saturday, November 5

Friday, November 25

Saturday, December 17

Friday, December 30

Saturday, January 28

The December 30th date interests me, as the team is almost always out of town at the end of December, usually swinging through Texas. The last few years we’ve had to deal with an absence of hockey right after Christmas. It makes me quite happy to see that has changed! The other questions we usually have–will the end of the season be home-loaded as usual; will we ever get to play teams from out west; and, most importantly, how many damn times will we have to see Rochester–will be answered some time in August.

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