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…And I feel fine.


Did I expect this Crunch to be down 5-0 at the end of any period this season?

Well, no. Gotta be honest there.

But did I expect the Crunch to win this game?

Not really.


A) It’s Hershey.

B) The desperate Monsters spent Friday and Saturday throwing this team into the boards and fighting them for every inch of ground the Crunch got. Each of the games went beyond 60 minutes of hockey. Each of the games featured deficits that were overcome. Each of the games featured scoring by pretty much only the Palroonino line. Something was going to break somewhere.

C) 3-in-3’s suck.

Is a final score that’s probably going to be worse than the 5-0 at the end of the second it is now acceptable?

No, not really.

But if our other lines were asking for a wake up call as to why they need to get their shit together, then boy, did they get it today. Palroonino can’t do it all, kids, nor should they have to. We need contributions from everybody. We have way too much talent to see it happen any other way. The results are, clearly, nasty when that happens.

So, let’s see a newly energized Crunch with a better understanding of what everyone needs to do this week in Cleveland, yes?


Go Crunch:)

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