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Much to my pleasure, I was recently invited to join the Syracuse Crunch Fan Advisory Board. To be honest, I didn’t even know a Fan Advisory Board existed until I was asked to join, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. We had our first of three seasonal meetings tonight, and I was pretty pleased by the whole affair. I’m really looking forward to continued participation with this group, for sure.

I’ve covered some highlights on Twitter, but in case you don’t follow me, here’s some stuff from tonight. I also included some extra details, just for blog readers:

  • Please always feel free to comment here or Tweet at me if you have concerns, issues, or positive comments. I can pass them along.
  • The Crunch has been looking at re-stocking their online store and is in the process of getting that done. Some items should be there already and more will be coming in the next week to ten days.
  • The Crunch is looking at different building improvement options, from different ticket areas and a merch store, to luxury boxes and a small restaurant. If the front office had their way, we’d be in for a treat! Of course, our barn’s status as a historical building means lots of red tape before anything can be done, but the ideas are there and in development.
  • The team is aware that they need to try to make the announcement system easier in understand in certain places. I believe the horseshoe was the biggest muddled area. They talked about some different speaker configurations tonight. Also, they’re aware of the fluctuation in music volume depending on where people sit, but it was agreed that the volume isn’t exactly the problem, it’s more of how the sound comes out.
  • I asked for a bigger variety of modern rock to be played, mostly just to minimize my chagrin when Kesha comes on. It was also mentioned that the team could start looking at those songs–like “Crazy Train”–that have long instrumental intros, and see if they could shorten them to get to the meat of the song quicker. This was talked about as a way to get fans even more into the game.
  • The STH Holiday Party is scheduled for Dec. 6th. A conversation about STH perks, like getting first crack at game-used merch, was had. It was enthusiastically agreed upon by all that the front office would try to put together items to be sold for the first time to STH that night, to give us the first chance at these much-coveted items. This would be done again in two months or so, letting STH buy such items first before offering them to the general public.
  • A discussion about the ushers and the inconsistent rule enforcement was also had. A general notice to fans: it is all right to bang on the glass. Howard Dolgon himself firmly believes in our right to make noise. Any usher that tells you different is wrong, and I have the front office’s permission to tell you that. Jim Sarosy mentioned that he’ll have a meeting with the ushers before the next game to address the issues brought up tonight.
  • Food prices were minimally discussed, and, basically, we’re stuck there. Sorry, kids.
  • We got a tour of the new basement facilities. Wow. Just…wow. And it isn’t even done yet. The money and dedication both teams and the county put into this thing really speaks louder than any words could.

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