What is right vs. what is easy

So, I’ve been touting this ALLin hashtag like it’s my job over on Twitter. I’ve got businesses where I live involved and had no problem tweeting their names as being ALLin. I have my school, my students, and some of my colleagues ALLin. I’m pushing and publishing this as much as I can. But, yet, recently, I was asked to put up or shut up, and as a result was faced with a very difficult choice.

The choice was basically between what is right and what is easy. The choice between truly being ALLin or just being sort of in, in ways that are only convenient to my prejudices and my stubbornness and my annoying elephant-like memory (when it comes to all things Crunch, that is).  One choice is easy. The other choice is right.

And, as much as it kills me, I need to make the right choice here.

Now, to be fair, I was not actually told, “put up or shut up.” Not in the least, and I don’t want to imply that this isn’t my choice or that anyone was anywhere near as rude as that phrase implies. It wasn’t a dramatic exchange of ultimatums, though stories of events, both recent and colonial, were exchanged.

What is all this about?

To put it very simply, kids, the Crunch needs you–yes, YOU–to visit the cesspool that is Syracuse.com . They need views, traffic, and comments on Crunch stories. They need more from us as a fanbase over there. Although they’re not asking us to be happy about it, they are asking us to step up and prove that there’s enough of a readership out there for Syracuse.com to continue to publish Crunch stories. If they don’t get more visits, we’re in danger of losing one of our only consistent area of coverage. And, no matter how many issues I have with that coverage and the people creating it, it’d be rather bad for the organization as a whole to lose that amount of coverage.

Many of the things that made it annoying to post over there are still present. Much of this geographic area remains annoyingly ignorant of what the Crunch does for the community. Many of them can’t see far enough through their Orange-colored glasses to understand why a pro-hockey team is important to CNY. I also still disagree with some of what’s posted by people who cover the team, though lately things have been mostly positive, so I’ve had less to complain about in that area. Comments on posts are still unscreened, something I’ve always felt is an awful idea.

But…as they say, it is what it is.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: this blows, but I can understand the organization’s point. Being ALLin goes above what is easy. Although I can promise that I won’t get involved in any more pissing matches like I used to–my sanity needs me to make that promise–I will swear to be active again.

And I’m going to go even further and ask you, my dear reader, to think about doing that, too.

I know, right?

Sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me, but it needs to be done. And, hey, if more of the good, insightful people sign up and start posting, or come back to posting, then maybe things won’t get so bad this time. Maybe we can create a slightly better environment while also helping out our team at the same time.

At the very least, you could make it more bearable for me.

The last time I linked to that place was back before December of ’09. This hurts. The person who put me up to this better appreciate it. (Also to be fair…I know he does. Just playing for sympathy)


Are you ALLin?

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