Our namesake is displeased, but we don’t agree

You know, when we started this place we thought it was a great idea to include the name of the Crunch’s owner, Howard Dolgon, in our title. We thought of ourselves as the Crunch’s Army, a place where the fans could go to express anything from pleasure over how the team was doing to displeasure over what it wasn’t doing. We’re still that place, of course, but today we’re put in a rather awkward position. Howard has expressed his opinion about the size of the crowd at the game last night, and I gotta be honest with you…I don’t agree with his opinion.

In case you haven’t seen this, you can read his opinion here on Syracuse.com. You can also read Brent Axe’s rebuttal here. You can then read Howard’s reaction here. When all that’s said and done, come back and see what we have to say.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that last night crowd was fairly small. But I will say this: for the numbers we had, every single person in that arena seemed into the game. To me, that is so much more important than having six thousand people in attendance who have no idea what’s going on. The crowd was loud, they supported our boys and they did what they needed to do despite the rather discouraging amount of empty seats.

Was I a little disappointed in the turn out last night? Absolutely. I don’t see how you could not be. However, I don’t think that calling out the people in Syracuse at this point in time was a good idea.

The funny thing about life is that nothing is really as black and white as it seems. I really think Howard’s biggest mistake in all of this was making it sound like the people of Central New York either support or don’t support the team, and that they show that through either going to all of the games (support) or not going to all of the games (don’t support). As Brent said, there were many different reasons why people didn’t show up last night. I know Howard must understand this. But, yet, he made it sound like there’s nothing more important in life right now then Syracuse Crunch playoff hockey.

Honestly, that’s just silly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s not a whole lot in my life right now that’s more important than Syracuse Crunch playoff hockey. But, I’m a single adult with a fairly stable job and no debt to my name. I know that there’s always a chance the Crunch will make the playoffs and I save my money accordingly. I also know that I am going to be parking at the War Memorial OnCenter parking garage for 38-plus times a year, so I shell out money in the beginning of the season for a discounted parking pass. I also know that food and drink at the games cost an arm and a leg, so I eat before I go.

In addition to all of this, there’s the fact that I am me. I have this blog. I have my Twitter account. I have a tattoo on my body that is related to the Crunch. Nobody in their right mind would question my passion and my drive when it comes to this team.

But, not everybody is like that. Not everybody can be like that. People have commitments, they have families, they have work, they have bills…they have a thousand things that, unfortunately, need to come before a sporting event. I’m lucky. I can dedicate a fairly big portion of my life to all of this. Other people don’t have that option.

Has Syracuse been begging for a winner on that ice? Absolutely, Howard is right there. Did he get a deal done that has given us a winner? No question. Is our front office working their asses off to get tickets sold and to put out a good crowd for our boys? Yes, and I’m incredibly thankful that they’re doing it. Do our boys deserve our support? I won’t dignify that question with an answer.

But, does Central New York deserve to be bitched out simply because they couldn’t make it to a hockey game? No, to be honest. I don’t think so. In my opinion, Howard should have taken the high road, complimented the people who were there last night, and then maybe made a mention about how was too bad more people couldn’t have come out and that he hoped for a better crowd tomorrow.

If you are someone who has been alienated by what has been said, I ask you to ignore all the drama and just focus on the boys. They could really use some more support right now, no question. Please consider coming out to the game tomorrow night as our Syracuse Crunch tries to complete a round two sweep of the Springfield Falcons!


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