#SyrCrunch: Who isn’t coming back, who has been/will be qualified, and who we are waiting on

From this story on Syracuse.com/Crunch today:

Free agents who will not be returning:

Forward Geoff Walker
Defenseman Jordan Henry
Goalie Cedrick Desjardins
Forward Carl Nielsen
Forward Jon DiSalvatore
Forward P.C. Labrie
Defenseman Charles Landry
Forward Drew Olson
Forward Max Parent

Restricted free agents who have been or will be qualified:

Defenseman Dmitry Korobov
Forward Philippe Paradis
Forward Brett Connolly

Unrestricted free agents with whom the team is negotiating:

Forward Mike Angelidis
Forward Evan Rankin

My brief take:

-I am unsurprised by every player being let go except for DiSalvatore. I really hope he has a better offer somewhere, because I absolutely wanted him back.

-As I said in Labrie’s review, my guess is his NHL price was too high. He might come back on an AHL deal, but that’ll depend entirely on what kind of money he’s willing to take.

-With so many goalies in the pipeline, I knew Desjardins would be leaving, but it still hurts. Ceddy did a lot for us last year. We wish him nothing but the absolute best of luck.

-I am…surprised that Korobov and Paradis are being qualified. We’ll go with surprised. Surprised sounds good.

-I am happy Angelidis is still in the cards, and I hope it becomes permanent.


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